We estimate that above half the enquiries we receive are from home owners who need sub-standard bathroom work repaired.  We want to make sure that this never happens to you as it is frustrating, expensive and disruptive to have dodgy work repaired.

bathroom renovation

Water damage from a leaking shower.

What may seem a more economical option at first, can sometimes create greater problems. There is no possible way to guarantee the integrity of your bathroom without a complete renovation taking everything back to a bare shell.

A partial bathroom renovation will inevitably disturb the waterproofing membrane originally installed… which down the track will cause further costly damage if a patch up job fails. It simply hides previous damage not obvious at the time.

Only by installing a complete waterproofing membrane that meet today’s exhaustive standards and regulations is your bathroom protected from further damage.

bathroom renovation

Complete bathroom renovations are MUCH more effective than bathroom reseals.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the quick-fix ‘bathroom reseals without removing tiles’.

Be warned… this practice is not the answer.

If your shower or bath is leaking from cracks in the grout or joints, the damage has already commenced.  Usually you will notice swollen skirting boards or wet carpet.

Imagine the moisture build-up inside your wall at this time.  Getting someone to apply one of the many ‘Bathroom Reseal’ products to your tiles is simply sealing the problem in. When timber or wall sheeting gets wet, it swells.  When it dries out it contracts.

Question: What would you guess happens when cracks in grouting or joints are sealed over, allowing the timber and wall sheeting to contract as it dries out?

Answer: They move and inevitably crack again. Over time, sometimes only a matter of months, leaks can reappear, causing more damage than before.

Don’t risk your property being subjected to a cover up when a full bathroom renovation is the right choice to ensure that your bathroom is safe, dry and will stand the test of time.

bathroom design

A well designed bathroom will increase the value of your property.

Even the smallest bathroom renovations need the right design to improve functionality and create a real WOW factor. And it is well documented that the bathroom design and quality will increase the value of your property.

However, in an effort to save a few dollars here and there, people often choose design elements and finishes that are not suitable functionally or aesthetically.  Worse still, many are swayed by sales people or trades people who are only interested in a quick sale and don’t have your best interests at heart.

It’s often better to invest a little more time and money into the tweaks of design that include space saving features and fixtures that give you what you really want and add value and style that matches your property.

Over the years, many TV lifestyle programs have been encouraging people to have a go at DIY.  Of course, all these shows are sponsored by the hardware giants and suppliers benefiting from the DIY’er and backyard businesses.  And there’s nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty and having a go yourself at the jobs that don’t require specialised knowledge or licenses.

However bathroom renovating is not one of them. Your bathroom is the most complex renovation project to be undertaken on your property.

Renovating a bathroom requires skilful co-ordination of many qualified trades, each playing an important and perfectly timed role, ensuring your renovation meets all the required standards and will function perfectly for many years to come.

Trades often include:

  • Electrician and plumber
  • Carpenter and cabinetmaker
  • Water proofer, tiler and stonemason / concreter / renderer
  • Plasterer , painter and glazier

We project manage the whole process from beginning to end, and only use trusted sub-contractors for tasks we are not skilled or licensed to undertake.

Using cheap 457 labour or unskilled handymen to undertake these kind of works often results in a trail of substandard renovations.   We are regularly called out to “fix” problems – which unfortunately often results in us having to deliver the bad news that a total rebuild is required.

bathroom fixtures

Invest in good quality fixtures.

With so much choice these days, it’s important to choose your tiles, fixtures and fittings wisely.

It’s confusing to navigate the styles, the options and of course the prices. You don’t want to waste money on excessively priced fixtures or fittings, but you do want something that will last and comes with a good warranty in case it fails.

In reality, you don’t have to pay too much for products with good warranties. From our experience, the ones with the better warranties stand true to their claims and have lesser problems.  Particularly when it comes to plumbed in fixtures like taps, showerheads and wall mixers… these items are worth investing in to ensure the best quality and longest warranties.

When it comes to choosing tiles, there are a few tricks to be aware of.  Because a bathroom is a wet area, you must ensure tiles are first grade quality and non porous – or they won’t last.  Make sure all tiles are consistent in shape and sizes.  After all, the last thing you want is uneven grout lines in your new bathroom caused by inconsistently sized tiles.

Often, when making a significant investment, the bottom line is what people look at. Sure, price is an important consideration… it’s the only way you can gauge if you are being ripped off.

However, considering the complexity and importance of getting your bathroom renovation done correctly, without hassles and stresses that can cause even greater problems… it’s more important to base your choice of bathroom renovation company on these factors – trust, experience, track record and guarantee.  These factors are more important than price.

At Mastercraft Bathrooms we may not always be able to present the cheapest quote.  Like with most purchases, there will always be somebody cheaper who underhandedly bids low to get the work.  What happens with these guys is usually one or all of these things.

  • They hit you up for extras later.
  • The work is sub-standard and needs rectification and they don’t provide a guarantee.
  • You strangely cannot contact them again – they’ve disappeared.

While we commit to being competitive on pricing, we place more importance on offering exceptional quality and value.  We guarantee all our work because we control the quality of what we undertake, all the way through and after the work is completed.

If you obtain a cheaper written quote, we would appreciate the opportunity to assess the quote to make sure the specifications are the same, and that it covers everything that needs to be done to ensure you don’t have any problems later on.